What’s Sanity?

    Soundness of Your Health and Mind.  Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Life is so busy these days its hard to find time for ourselves.  Let Divas help you get a little sanity back in your life!

    About the Divas
    Owner Claudia Galata launched SanityDivas with the goal of helping hard-working professionals and families reduce stress in their lives, by outsourcing house cleaning and errands. For more than 30 years, she and her staff have been helping people in Silicon Valley save time and eliminate headaches involved with completing household chores.

    “We’ve been working with Sanity Divas for many years now. I trust their team implicitly and love coming home to a very clean house”

    What do you need help with?
    Life’s to short to spend doing tedious , repetitive  chores .Turn to Sanity Divas to help balance your busy life and get back some free time you deserve!

    Sanity Divas is licensed bonded and insured and our workers are covered with work mans comp so you don’t have to worry.​

    “Sanity Divas are the answer to my crazy busy life. They make it easy to keep my home clean and live able. I know I can count on their professional, quality work”.

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